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Episodes #109 - 112:
- Law of the Land
- Sketches
- High Crimes
- Day of the Union

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Few print reporters have known Cleveland as well or for as long as Doris O'Donnell Beaufait. Daughter of a ward leader, niece of a sheriff and wife of another newspaper legend, Doris beat the pavement and reported the daylights out of a city on the make and on the move. She competed in the clubby world of men & sports, but still donned society-white gloves. Never afraid of a press stunt, Doris also breached the Iron Curtain, prowled Cleveland's underworld and went in search of the gun that killed Robert Kennedy.

On the heels of her candid memoir, Front Page Girl (Kent State University Press, 2006), comes a new media series called Doris O'Donnell's Cleveland. Interviews with Doris' friends, colleagues & collaborators, both then and now, lend color and corroboration to this witness to Cleveland history -- recollections of a time gone by, but as vivid as a stiff breeze off the lake.

Reporter O'Donnell in the Cleveland News city room, 1946. Photo by Bill Nehez

~ September 2009:
Doris O'Donnell's Cleveland wins two Emmy awards:
- Best Arts/Entertainment Program
- Music Composition

~ July 2009:
Doris O'Donnell's Cleveland
nominated for five 2008-9 Emmy awards

~ September 2008 update:
Doris O'Donnell's Cleveland
Episode #101 - The Day Marilyn Died
recipient of Emmy award
best Arts/Entertainment Program

Episode #101 The Day Marilyn Died
Sam Sheppard always blamed it on everybody else
Episode #102 The Golden Age of Print
Journalism back then was "history in a hurry" and they broke a few rules
Episode #103
The Indians Swing
Boys will be boys! Then came Doris O'Donnell
Episode #104 Rosie the Reporter
Had to be only twice as smart for half the pay

Episode #105 A Riot Goin' On
They were on the ground, and they remember
Episode #106 Dennis!
In Ohio, you don't even need to know the last name
Episode #107 Disorganized Crime
Very notorious, and very dead

Episode #108 Front Page Girl
The Russians were no match for Doris O'Donnell

Featuring host
James Jessen Badal
author of
In the Wake of the Butcher - Cleveland's Torso Murders
Twilight of Innocence - The Disappearance of Beverly Potts

Kent State
University Press


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